Translated from Latin, the word "consano"means to cure, heal, and restore. This reflects our commitment to providing exceptional patient care while helping our patients on their road to recovery. 
We are in the business of service to others and are committed to helping our clients succeed. Consano Healthcare Inc. provides a level of excellence, reliance and trust that enables us to be partners with our clients, our therapists and our team members. Please click the links to learn more.
Do you know where the fastest growing place for physical, occupational and speech therapy in America is? It’s in the home. That’s really good news for a home health professional like you!
Now, the bad news: home health agencies like yours are now struggling to find enough high-quality therapists to meet the increasing demand. Additionally, the latest government regulations are very complex, and if not followed exactly, will delay Medicare reimbursements—and that adds an unnecessary strain to your business’ cash flow. Such work-related stresses and challenges have a detrimental effect on an agency’s staff, which in turn, can have a negative effect on the patient’s care and satisfaction.
Our managed home health contract therapy is your complete, turnkey solution.
Running a successful home health agency is challenging enough so how do you avoid these problems?
Start by challenging your assumptions: Therapists are licensed, so they should be highly skilled, competent and naturally do a great job with your agency’s patients, right? Wrong! All therapists are not created equal. Below are seven important questions for any agency owner to consider:
  1. Are all of your therapists highly qualified, with many years of home health experience?
  2. Do all of your therapists adequately understand Medicare and home health regulations?
  3. Is the therapy plan of care always correct and appropriate?
  4. Do your therapists consistently advocate for both the patient and your agencies best interest?
  5. Does your agency’s clinical manager feel comfortable challenging a therapist when appropriate?
  6. Would all of your therapy documentation withstand an audit?
  7. Can you find a managed services solution that has a 100% reimbursement guaranty?
Every answer is “yes” as long as your agency uses Consano Healthcare™ Managed Therapy Services. 
Consano Healthcare has the best people, process and technology which gives your agency a complete and total solution to, not just meet your increasing therapy demands and requirements, but also allows you to grow your business more effectively and efficiently. When you experience working with Consano Healthcare you will not want to work with anyone else. Yes, we’re that good—we guarantee it.
Consano Healthcare’s comprehensive managed solution for home health contract therapy is a complete, turnkey solution—it’s fully automated and 100% guaranteed. From the initial referral, to scheduling and billing, you can track the status of every patient, every visit—in real time. Consano Healthcare’s care coordination team manages every communications and back office process. Every PT, OT, SLP and MSW working for Consano Healthcare has many years of experience and focuses on one priority—excellent care for your patient.
Using Consano Healthcare Managed Therapy Services to take care of everything related to therapy allows you and your staff to focus on growing your agency—no more juggling responsibility and staff!
Call us today at 405.360.8172 and start focusing on patient care tomorrow—not all the paperwork!
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Our Team
Brandon Douglas, CEO

Brandon@Consano.net | Phone: 405-360-8172

Brandon has served Consano since it's inception in 2008 as a therapist recruitment specialist, business developer, and Chief Operating Officer prior to leading the organization. Brandon organizes marketing efforts, expansion opportunities, clinical directives, and compliance issues, helping insure Consano is protecting their business partner's mutual success.

Monica Brown, Clinical Coordinator

Monica@Consano.net | Phone: 405-360-8172

As a Care Coordinator, Monica provides core support for the Administrator and manages a variety of processes within the office. Monica specializes in data processing and is solely responsible for weekly analytical reports created on behalf of our clients in addition to providing real-time support to both clients and Consano Clinicians.

Jeremy Weldon, Business Manager

Jeremy@Consano.net | Phone: 405-360-8172

Jeremy manages a number of critical business processes including human resources administration, information technology, accounts payable and payroll administration.  With well over 100 therapists to support, Jeremy fills a vital role for our Managed Therapy Services group.

Nikki Chapman, Administrator

Nikki@Consano.net | Phone: 405-360-8172

Nikki manages both Care Coordinators and works directly with both clients and therapists to assure product quality and customer satisfaction for Consano. From assigning coverage for all referrals to taking responsibility on difficult patients and finding coverage for said patients, Nikki oversees all office operations . 


Elizabeth Vassar, Clinical Coordinator

Elizabeth@Consano.net | Phone: 405-360-8172

Elizabeth is the lead Consano liasion facilitating communication between costumers, patients, and clinicians in addition to maintaining many of the same responsibilities as Monica. Providing clients with feedback and critical patient information, Elizabeth helps insure client satisfaction by vetting pertinent developments relating to patient care and documenting and communicating that information to the appropriate parties.

Pat Mataavi, Billing Specialist

Accounting@Consano.net | Phone: 405-360-8172

Responsible for all client billing functions and payroll support, Pat plays an integral role in assuring Consano's weekly financial processes run smoothly. With many years spent running physician's offices and overseeing billing activities and the clinical requirements to complete billing, Pat's experience and healthcare knowledge serve Consano in many different arenas.